Utilising Dijets Blockchain for Bookings, Transportation and Hotel Accommodations for Sporting/Music Events

I would like to propose Utilising Dijets Blockchain for Bookings, Transportation, and Hotel Accommodations for Sporting and Music Events.

As technological advancements continue to revolutionise the way we conduct various aspects of our lives, it becomes increasingly important for organisations in the events and hospitality industry to embrace innovative solutions that streamline operations, enhance security, and improve the overall experience. The implementation of Dijets blockchain can precisely cater to these needs.

Dijets blockchain offers a decentralised and secure platform that allows for greater transparency and efficiency in managing event bookings, transportation services, and hotel accommodations. By harnessing the power of blockchain, this will benefit any organisation from the following aspects:

  1. Enhanced Data Security: The nature of blockchain technology ensures the integrity and security of all transactions, safeguarding sensitive customer data, including personal and payment information. This heightened security will boost customer confidence and lead to increased bookings.

  2. Seamless Booking Experience: By integrating Dijets blockchain, customers can make event bookings, reserve transportation services, and book hotel accommodations all within a single platform. This unified experience allows for a frictionless booking process, reducing complexities for customers and saving valuable time.

  3. Smart Contracts and Automation: Dijets blockchain supports the use of smart contracts, enabling automated execution of agreements and eliminating intermediaries. Smart contracts facilitate faster, more efficient booking processes, reducing costs and minimizing human error.

  4. Transparency and Trust: Dijets blockchain provides a transparent ledger, offering a comprehensive view of all transactions and interactions. This transparency instills trust among customers, event organisers, transportation providers, and hotels, creating an ecosystem built on openness and accountability.

  5. Streamlined Payments: With Dijets blockchain, secure and instantaneous peer-to-peer transactions can be facilitated through digital currencies. This eliminates the need for traditional payment channels, reduces costs, and ensures faster settlement.

By utilising Dijets blockchain into event bookings, transportation services, and hotel accommodations will revolutionise operations, creating a seamless and secure experience.

Implementing this innovative solution Dijets will be at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards and attracting a wider customer base.


This would definitely go well with celebrities or even royals, and there families to ensure they have the right security and safe and secure accommodation, as we have seen and heard in the past of celebrities becoming victims of fraud robberies even in some cases killed because of not having the right security measures in place or there personal information being leaked internally,
this way this could stop this from happening as all the companies involved would have to be extra careful (be fully vetted) as there name would be on the line as well as having that extra tight security and proper agendas as to there locations and we’re abouts, 5 great points with 5 great opportunities to explore and new business opportunities for Dijets great work Rbassi :+1:


This also comes back to Joe Fitzgerald proposal for using Dijets network for his CLYNK business in the UAE will give Dijets international cover and a great opportunity for his company which I believe would be a first to be excepting cryptocurrency as a method of payment through there payments portal, again transparency people will be more confident to use them, and Joes idea of CLYNK having there own token through Dijets network to incentivise the future and past clientele! brilliant idea.


Good morning

I fully suport this proposal and am keen to assist




Great idea and definitely an industry that could benefit from the Ecosystem.