Using Dijets platform in universities incubation centres

Dijets can be a valuable tool for incubation centers looking to support and develop innovative projects and startups. The ecosystem’s flexibility and interoperability make it well-suited for a variety of use cases, including those relevant to incubation centers.

One way to use Dijets in incubation centers is by leveraging its smart contract capabilities to create customised solutions for startups. For example, smart contracts can be used to automate various processes, such as fundraising, governance, and supply chain management. This can help to streamline operations and reduce costs for startups, while also providing greater transparency and security.

Another way to use Dijets in incubation centers is by leveraging its interoperability to connect startups with other networks and ecosystems. This can help to facilitate cross-chain transactions and enable startups to access a wider range of resources and services.

Additionally, Dijets can be used to power decentralised applications that can be used by startups and incubation centers alike. For example, Dijets’ native exchange Dijetex can be used to facilitate trading of digital assets, while its upcoming DijetsPay solution can be used for payments and remittances.

Overall, using Dijets in incubation centers can provide a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, transparency, and security, as well as access to a wider range of resources and services.


Hi Ali,

I don’t have a lot of knowledge in this area specific to blockchain, however in my expertise within the healthcare industry, there are various organisations that are focused on innovation and being technology incubation hubs. It is definitely where the world is going and working with organisations that have a sole focus on new technologies, how to grow them and how to best utilise them is definitely something that would be great for Dijets.