The Use of Dijets in Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions

I propose we use Dijets Technology on all Dijets 4 blockchains to better benefit the quality and security of Mergers and Acquisitions and their Transactions (M&A).

  • Merger: in business terms, is an agreement between two companies to consolidate Assets and Functions to operate as one merged company

  • Acquisition: is the process of one company purchasing another and all of its Assets and Functions.

Built with “Next Gen Financial Products” in mind, Dijets technology has USPS in solutions involving the change of ownership, Consolidation and take overs of other businesses, Firms, companies and the purchase of Assets.

•Value Chain

  • To use the native DJTS to Organise and facilitate Transactions & Assets between businesses (B2B). With Dijets DAG structure in place that allows for multiple transactions to be confirmed simultaneously which can ultimately aid and benefit M&A operations to be completed quicker To help simplify and improve transaction times more efficiently.

•Utility Chain

  • To be able to create Smart Contracts on a Decentralised basis (DEFI) for the use and purposes of M&A on their own private Blockchain at a low cost with High transaction speeds.•

•Method Chain

  • Staking,Delegation and coordination of validators For Mergers and Acquisitions and their subnetworks.
  • To use the “Dijets Collaborative Intelligence Initiative” to build Databases for them and create a digital equivalent of Patenting to M&A for legal and copyright purposes.

•ECC (Enterprise Consortia Chain)

  • Use the ECC to to better secure access to Legal Documents with KYCs and to create custom rule sets for better management of legal parties involved with M&A transactions.

Dijets Technology could be used as a very viable Digital solution improving the process, service and structure of M&A.

I @Joefitzgerald can connect with M&A Experts in Europe and the Middle East in the effort to get Dijets Technology used in their services.