The “DIJETS browser HORIZON”

Dijets Horizon is a browser that brings a ton of useful features right to the user’s browser, including a built-in wallet, trading and exchanging digital assets, privacy protection measures, and most importantly, Dijets flagship concept of Data Streams. Using Dijets Data Streams, anyone can turn their internet usage data into a tradeable commodity with a simple click of a button. The data is kept secure in decentralized storage should the user choose to keep it, and Horizon facilitates the exchange between the users and data brokers.

In addition to Horizon, there is also a Dijets Web Wallet, which is a simple, secure, non-custodial wallet for storing Dijets assets. It supports Dijets Mainnet, Dijets TestNet, and custom networks.

Dijets also offers a browser extension called Decypher, which is powered by Dijets Protocol. Decypher is a Google Chrome browser extension that lets you interact with Dijets Utility Chain to its full extent. Users can not only make transfers but also swap assets and tokens, vote on proposals, and much more from within their browsers.

Overall, Dijets offers a range of browser-based tools and extensions that make it easy for users to interact with the Dijets network and manage their assets securely and conveniently.


Hi Ali,

Really exited about horizon, when will we be able to have a run on it? It would be good to familiarise ourselves with it.



Hi Pav,

Will be accessible for DGC members soon.


I agree with Pav - the Horizon browser I am quite excited about. It is something that does need in depth technical expertise to understand the principle or see the benefits. Use of the internet has become the ‘norm’ across many generations and the idea of privacy is something that is rising on the agenda. Really looking forward to seeing how Dijets can best market and grow use of Horizon.


Hi Ali

This is a great idea, it aims to recommend the adoption of the Dijets Horizon browser, Dijets Web Wallet, and Decypher browser extension as essential tools for facilitating seamless user interactions within the Dijets network, these browser-based solutions provide a multitude of features such as integrated wallet functionality, digital asset trading, privacy protection measures, and the innovative concept of Data Streams. By embracing these tools, users can effectively manage their assets and participate in the decentralised ecosystem with ease and security.

As a member of the DGC I would like to recommend this as a proposal.


i agree, would be a brilliant proposal

thanks Rbassi23