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Hi all,

This proposal is a little more ‘idea’ than structured plan, however it is something that I would hugely like to explore.

The healthcare industry is extremely data driven. Within the NHS, there are a multitude of IT systems/ software in which patient records are held. The problem is, that patients (individuals) have information recorded about themselves in a variety of systems, by a variety of different organisations and there is yet to be a single point of access for a patient to see and share all of this with whomever they wish.

I believe that the Dijets could support the “Single Patient Record” idea, where all of this data is pulled into one place and most importantly, easily accessed and shared by the patient themselves. This would be a groundbreaking change for the industry.

Some of the technical areas to consider and work through would be;

  • How do link with all existing platforms that hold patient data
  • How do you develop a system/ software that collates all of that data and presents it in a user friendly fashion
  • If looking at the NHS, we would need to meet the NHS IT framework (compliance etc.)

I feel that there is so much opportunity in this industry and I would love to be able to explore it further.


Hi Alisha,

Very interesting proposal that could make life easier for every patient.

I’d keen to hear from Saleem on how simple it could be to merge all the different systems / softwares being used without compromising on GDPR and security.

Definitely something I’d support, but ultimately it’s NHS and Private Operators we are dealing with, which could be challenging to say the least.



Brilliant proposal it’s exactly what the NHS needs 100%, and through Dijets network can easily be done, through covid Saleem had designed a covid passport/biometric type card which I believe would have been a 1000 times more efficient than the mess up that was made even after a billion pound was spent, brilliant great work Alisha :+1:


This is exactly what something like the NHS need it’s just to dinosaur at the moment and not secure enough, patients details have been compromised on many different occasions, there have been some serious blunders over the last few years aswell just search the NHS etc and will show you, millions of pounds of out of court settlements you don’t even here about, medical negligence cases etc, so yes I’m in agreement 100% as there will be many other avenues that will benefit both the NHS and Dijets medical plateform.


Hi @DijetsAlisha,

I am aware that when it comes to patient data it looks like there is not a ‘Single Patient Record’ to be seen anywhere and i would hugely support this idea.

From personal experience it looks like the NHS and the Private sector are still struggling to this day to update old and new data from paper to Digital records as well as other data items such as prescriptions and other medications.

There was a tremendous amount of money spent on the applications for the NHS notably in the mad rush during the covid 19 pandemic with the covid app. The outcome and delivery of what was achieved against the money spent just does not add up value wise. As @Alikhan mentioned Patients Data and Information have been compromised on numerous occasions and it would be of great value to install a new level of trust on future patients that would use a platform/s made by DIJETS.

I am sure there can be a solution to some of the above issues raised and we can look at investigating how we can introduce DIJETS into the Healthcare industry step by step.

Brilliant Input Alisha well done.


Thank you @DijetsAlisha a great idea and huge area of opportunity.

Innovation and change (as you will know very well :grinning ) is a challenge in the NHS, but the need for it is huge.

The benefit we have here in Southampton is the University Hospital “approach” where the university and hospital work closely together to “trial” and “test” technology, treatments and science for the benefit of the students learning and the patience journey.

Using this mindset we could apply a similar approach with Dijets, using the patient side of the NHS for improved delivery and the university side to help monitor and support/ validate the power of dijets for the wider NHS and create an tangible proposition to take to the wider healthcare market?

A really great idea, look forward to seeing how this could be taken forward !

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I would support this proposal, exactly what we need and has so much potential.

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