Governance Arbiter - Responsibilities & Criteria

DIP0m10: Governance Arbiter Role


The Governance Arbiter’s responsibilities are as follows:

Core Responsibilities

  • Responsible for ensuring the health and integrity of communication channels used across Dijets Governance. These tasks include moderation duties, establishing processes and social norms, and defending the communication channels from trolling and Sybil attacks.

  • Required to remain neutral and objective on issues outside the governance domain and focus on policy, procedure and facilitation.

  • Required to schedule, run and moderate governance meetings from a position of neutrality.

  • Required to manage and run governance processes as directed by relevant Accepted DIPs or DIP sets.

  • Required to create on-chain polls on the Dijets Voting Portal as directed by governance processes defined in relevant Accepted DIPs or DIP sets.

  • Should aim to foster a culture of openness, receptiveness and reasoned discussion within the community.

Encouraging Participation

  • Should work to maintain and encourage healthy debate and discussion.

  • Should ensure that the upcoming governance schedule is well communicated to all members at least a week in advance.

  • Should aim to promote and increase engagement by all members in the governance process.

  • Should ensure that the community and public understand the general level of decorum and civility expected by the participants of all communication channels.

Improving Efficiency

  • Should ensure that appropriate consensus gathering methods are enacted once the discussion and debate reaches its natural conclusion.

  • Should support and facilitate communications between DGC Members and any other stake holders where required.

  • Should look for opportunities to streamline the governance process and models without sacrificing their underlying integrity.

Cohesion and Morale

  • Responsible for raising Dijets Council governance issues to the Core Team and ensuring appropriate follow up for the council.

  • Should help to build and maintain morale and engagement among members of the council.

  • Should encourage the council members to come to consensus over the least objectionable option(s) rather than treating decision-making as a competition where a subset with a differing opinion feel disappointed in the outcome.

  • Should work to bring the governance council together on divisive topics and to prevent political polarisation and demagoguery.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria should be used when evaluating an individual for the role of Governance Arbiter:

  • Should have a complete understanding of the DIPs Framework and content, especially in relation to core governance DIPs.

  • Required to be a community member for some time. This can be shown through various proof of participation methods, such as:

  • Past forum posts

  • Attendance of community and governance calls

  • Input into issues of governance in any communications venue.

  • Core team will provide all the assistance required once the personnel has onboarded but the candidate must be familiar with the roles and responsibilities of Arbiters.

  • Should have familiarity with the technical inner workings of Dijets Ecosystem (not a requirements but bonus)

  • Should be confident and must have experience engaging DGC Members and the community in all the different communication channels including qowalts rooms, forum and video conference calls.

  • Should have an interest in autonomous organisations, governance mechanisms being used currently and historically across the world.


A Governance Arbiter should be considered for removal if they are:

  • Inadequately performing their defined duties.

  • Absent from their duties for a prolonged period.

  • Displaying biased or malicious behaviour.

  • Expressing unwillingness to continue in their role.


Hi Saleem,
It is good to understand this role within the DGC. Who has this role currently? Part of the role states that they will schedule, run and moderate governance meetings - when will these meetings start?

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Thank you Saleem, yes to echo Alisha, do we have someone doing this yet ?