Funeral,Wills,Inheritance, Financial Planning services

Use Dijets technology to create AI bots/ Avatars/ Holograms to store data and information on people or clients that have passed so that close family, friends, work colleagues can have access to their information via blockchain keys after the person has passed. this could be used to help solidify peoples Wills. Dijets could create smart contracts to facilitate legal & inheritance documents.

Dijets could create these AI avatars as virtual versions and NFTs of those that have passed away so that you can still talk to them and they reply in the likely hood/manner in which the deceased person would reply. this could be programmed into the Meta Verse, AI robots and Holographic versions of themselves. These could be displayed on screens, tablets or virtual headsets at funeral services for the intention of the person who passed away to record themselves or programme a way in which the person could interact with the audience so that they can say their final goodbyes in a more personal matter.

Dijets could also use smart contracts to help facilitate private financial planning services ranging from inheritance taxes to Captial gains to Personal Income.


Brilliant, these can also be tailored made to each individual person or business through Dijets ECC chain which also has multiple other uses and benefits.