Financial sectors

Dijets HAL can be leveraged in the financial sector to gain insights into member contributions and allocate voting rights and enhanced governance powers. HAL is a collective name given to a series of smart contracts and binding logic that aggregates Dijets Members contributions within Dijets governance across a number of systems both on-chain and off-chain.

HAL is designed to turn insights into Data-Driven actions. The smart contracts can gather and record key insights and performance metrics both on-chain & off-chain for each council member across different timeframes. These timeframes include Term Stats, Monthly Stats, Weekly Stats, and Daily Stats. HAL can be used to define custom filters and reports to identify the most active council members across different time frames and governance class activities.

In the financial sector, HAL can be used to incentivize members who contribute to governance actions that result in measurable changes to the way Dijets operates. For example, HAL can be used to identify members who have contributed to proposals that improve the efficiency of financial transactions on the Dijets network. These members can be rewarded with enhanced governance rights and voting weights.

Overall, HAL can be a useful tool in the financial sector to improve governance and incentivize members to contribute to the growth and development of the Dijets network.