FAO: DGC Members

I wanted to take a moment away from posting primarily about DIPs, Governance and frameworks etc to acknowledge the challenges some of the Council Members will most certainly be currently facing as we tackle the complexities of blockchain technology and decentralised governance mechanism. The significant learning curve Dijets may present becomes orders of magnitude steeper when presented to individuals who haven’t had the same exposure or the need to develop advanced IT related skills in the past. The nature of what we’re trying to accomplish is undeniably challenging, and it’s understandable that some if not all of you may be finding it difficult to grasp its intricacies at times.

As we edge closer to the public launch, devOps and resource management has rightfully shifted our focus on deliverability of the highest standard. Continuous stress testing, code optimisation and fine tuning all of our front-ends have naturally taken priority over introducing additional resources, tools and detailed guides covering Dijets Governance. However, I am writing this today to ensure the Council members that they can expect to see aforementioned tools and guides very soon. These resources have been designed to address challenges the council faces and to provide clarity on subjects and concepts that may have proven hard to grasp thus far.

In the meanwhile, I encourage each one of you to read up on all the currently available resources such as The Hub and feel free to start new discussion on topics here on the forum or on Qowalts or ask a question under any topic that’s up. It goes without saying that we are at our strongest when we collaborate and share our knowledge. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Ali for guidance or clarification. Remember, no question is too simple or too complex. We’re here to help one another.

Take a quick look at the Ecosystem and its Domains. Visualise the indices as components to a vast apparatus, a hyperstructure built to provide digital sovereignty. Sovereignty of wealth, privacy, data, traceability, transparency and identity. As Dijets Council, your job is to propose, advocate and implement the dynamic body of law that regulates the hyperstructure. A programmatically baked in constitution in the form of documents called the DIPs. I digress, but I have seen the incredible dedication, patience and talent each of the member brings to the table, and while I acknowledge there are challenges, I am also confident that this council will tackle them like a boss.

If you have any concerns, ideas, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share them. You will notice an uptick in topics and resources being made available for your guidance in the coming days.

Thank you for your continued patience, dedication and effort.


Hi Saleem,
Really appreciate this message. It definitely feels like I need to dedicate some time to really get to grips with the amazing technology and I am keen to do this pre-launch. It is sometimes tough when in between other work projects but I do feel that we are moving forward at such a speed now that it needs to be prioritised so I look forward to the guides and resources still to come.

The video steps on the delegate address process was very simple to follow though! I think the first questions I will have regarding the products within the Dijets Ecosystem will be the value proposition that each of them have. I know we spoke previously about having video demonstrations and advertisements for the products which are in ‘layman’ terms so those I think will be really helpful in helping us to articulate in the best way.


I couldn’t have put it better myself Alisha. :+1: The importance of the Council gaining a comprehensive understanding of Dijets value proposition specially regarding its DPS Domain can not be understated. Only by experiencing firsthand and utilising the domain’s offerings, can the council grasp their individual USPs and effectively communicate them to the wider public and strategic partners. To facilitate this, we propose to organise a workshop aimed at providing DGC Members with an immersive experience of the DPS domain products and services. The schedule for the workshop will be emailed to the members plus published on Qowalts and here on the forum.

It’s important to differentiate this workshop with any previous impromptu discussions or showcase of our products. The idea is to hold a role-based simulation workshop and replicate real-life scenarios to provide the members with a holistic understanding of what sets Dijets apart. This approach will allow each member to assume various roles, such as: a complete newbie user to cryptocurrencies, a seasoned retail investor or trader of digital assets, a user looking for non-custodial storage of assets, a user looking to make an international value transfer, a user who values his/her privacy and deserves the right to choose who/when/how companies can harvest his data or a business looking for a blockchain solution to provide authenticity credentials for its supply chain, a legal firm wanting to automate the contents of an “if this, then that” contract, a pharmaceutical looking to overhaul their counterfeit drug prevention program…. ( I sooo want to keep going here :face_with_monocle: :smile: )

By going through these simulated experiences, DGC members will gain valuable insights into exactly how Dijets (DPS Domain) addresses the needs of different users and businesses. More importantly, the practical, role-based undertaking of this workshop will greatly enhance the council’s collective understanding of our solutions and empower them to articulate and effectively convey Dijets value proposition model and as an added bonus help them submit absolute :fire: :fire: DIPs.


Thank you Saleem,

There is much to take in, but through collaboration and “actually doing it” we will learn. Once we know the “universe” of our element of Dijets operating systems for the council, and know more/understand more the wider components of our value propositions, it will be much easier to “enhance” through suggestions.

However for now, i had a good read through the governance modules and overall constitutional elements for DGC and its making more sense.

As we move into “launch” and then delivery mode, much more will become clear, i believe it would be then very helpful to identify the value proposition of our services we want to “test” first and then begin to explore key partners/clients we can work with to show the power of Dijets.

One thing i found very powerful, (for me as a big picture “player” i love ambitious goals) is our ambition and vision to be the creator and enabler of the new digital infrastructure world- iv begun thinking/ exploring ideas of whom we will need to learn from and what we need to understand to do this. My first approach to everything is “know the landscape” !

Anyway, im really excited by it all and looking forward to things coming forward,


Hi Saleem/Alisha,

thank you, this would be great and look forward to it,

Thank you


That’s it mate like we said yesterday any information or questions any of the DGC needs we are here to help :+1:


Hi Saleem

Thanks for the message and taking time to explain everything.

I think all of us know how important it is to understand the core purpose of dijets as well as the key elements on how our roles as DGM are so important to strengthen the network and allow other to understand it better.

So far everyone is so excited about literally everything, which is fantastic to see.

Having some workshops together and see the full potential of some services.

I feel like we are now moving at a very quick pace and things are being updated on daily/hourly basis.

The goals and the vision of the project is phenomenal and I can’t wait for it to get started.