DIP3 - Principal Domains & Indices for segmenting DIPs

DIP3: Principal Domains & Indices


DIP#: 3
Title: Principal Domains & their Indices
Author: Saleem Fareed (@Dijets-Inc)
Domain: 0
Type: Frameworks DIP
Status: Accepted 
Date Proposed: 2023-06-31
Date Ratified: 2023-06-31
Dependencies: n/a
Replaces: n/a



Sentence Summary

DIP3 divides Dijets Ecosystem into 5 principal domains and assigns each one with an index of its core units.

Paragraph Summary

The goal of having principal domains is to give the council a complete overview of what specific DIPs are used to address which specific division/domain of Dijets Ecosystem. By having these principal domains declared from the outset and in place, the council can work towards reforming, upgrading and governing specific parts of the Ecosystem while complexity, ambiguity and dependency issues can be kept in check.

Modules Summary

DIP3m1: Add Principal Domains

DIP3m1 can be used as a sub-proposal to add further principal domains.

DIP3m2: Amend/Remove Principal Domains

Amend or completely remove an existing principal domain classification from the DIPs.

DIP3m3: Add a new index to the proposed Principal Domain

DIP3m3 can be used as a sub-proposal to add more indices to the principal domain.

DIP3m4: Removal or Amendment of an Indexed Unit from the principal domain

The expectation is that these classifications will go through many modifications and any changes, removals or additions/replacements to
an accepted Principal Domain category will require a subproposal submission and it being accepted.


Principal Domains should facilitate a structured and organised approach to formulating DIPs that are precise in addressing specific problems, and concise with exploring opportunities within the respective domains. It ensures that no aspect of the ecosystem is overlooked and provides a systematic framework for collaboration and coordination between the council and the organisation personnel. By dividing the entire Dijets ecosystem into core units belonging to individual domains, the overall process for DIPs becomes more manageable and conducive to effective implementation.

Specification / Proposal Details

Principal Domain : DNP

Network & Protocol

Domain Unit Index
Subnetworks DNP01
Nodes DNP02
Validators DNP03
Delegators DNP04
Fees DNP05
Assets DNP06
Plugins DNP07
Virtual Machines DNP08
Chain Configs DNP09
Toolchains DNP10
Cacids DNP11
Feature/Idea DNP12
Misc DNP13

Principal Domain : DGV


Sub-Domain Index
Subproposals DGV03
Primitives DGV04
Frameworks DGV05
Sub-committees DGV06
Contracts DGV08
Budget & Finance DGV09
Membership DGV10
Voting DGV11
Governance Cycle DGV12
Forum DGV13
Feature/Idea DGV14
Misc DGV15

Principal Domain : DMM

Money Markets

Sub-Domain Index
Dijetex DMM01
Fiat Ramps DMM02
Swaps DMM03
Yields DMM04
Enterprise Vaults DMM05
Asset Registry DMM06
Stable Coins DMM07
Listings DMM08
Fees DMM09
Recipes DMM10
Contracts DMM11
Partnerships DMM12
Feature/Idea DMM13
Misc DMM14

Principal Domain : DMV


Sub-Domain Index
NFT/Collectibles DMV01
Spaces DMV02
Name Servers DMV03
Avatars DMV04
DroAds DMV05
Leasing DMV06
Builder DMV07
Contracts DMV08
Fees DMV09
Partnerships DMV10
Feature/Idea DMV11
Misc DMV12

Principal Domain : DPS

Products & Services

Sub-Domain Index
Wallet DPS01
Horizon Browser DPS02
Data Streams DPS02
Decypher DPS02
Qowalts DPS03
Tinker DPS04
Creed DPS05
Marketing DPS06
Integrations DPS07
BaaS DPS07
Partnerships DPS10
Events DPS10
Community Engagement DPS10
Product/Service Idea DPS10
Misc DMV12