DIP - Longer Staking Option

My proposal is about the slight change/improvement to method chain. I appreciate this could be slightly more technical, but I hope it makes sense to you all guys.

Currently, method chain allows you to lock/stake your dijets coins for up to 12 months, depending on how long you stake it for, the reward depends on it. Once your coins are locked, for whatever time you chose, you are unable to access your coins. I propose to allow investors and current dijets holders to lock/stake for a lot longer than 12 months, with intervals as follows: 18 months, 24 months, 36 months and so on.

There are couple of ways you could reward longer time stakers; one could be a higher return on investment, I suggest 5% + or two, reward them with incentive token that can be turned into more dijets or fiat?

Ultimately, what it does, it secures the network, how you ask? Well people who are looking at investing, they trust the network more as they can see that other dijets investors stake/lock coins for long periods of time, therefore it becomes more credible. At the same time it “delays gratification” which means that you are resisting to take an immediately available reward in the hope of obtaining a more valued reward in the future, consequently it pushes the price up, but also, you don’t have much selling pressure if the price drops as the coins are locked. As we know, the crypto currency just like stock market, goes through cycles, in crypto world we have so called bear market (current state of market) and so called bull market (when basically everything goes up and to the right). Where does this proposal comes in handy? Well, always is the answer, but crucially when prices are fluctuating and you don’t want to gamble on your investment, as when you’re locked, you are not worried about the price as you are earning your dividend either way.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated :+1:



Great work mate am glad you’re on that understanding level, this is something that will need to be looked into aswell, and yes it will hold that stability in Dijets and for the stakers, am sure there will some more insight into
This proposal :+1:


Thanks Ali,

Credibility and stability is something that is key in this sort of world. I’m happy to share in detail of what exactly I mean.

Watch this space mate, I’ve got few more crackers up my sleeve! :joy:


Hi Pawel,

I would support this proposal. One thing we know about this industry is that there is so much talk about the stability. Your idea goes such a long way into breaking that down and showing that we have something that is sustainable and long term. This is crucial in building credibility and value.

In the ‘fiat’ world, we know that financial planning and particularly investment should be considered over the long term, this aligns with that.


Hi Pawel,

I can agree and acknowledge that having longer staking periods with higher potential rewards and returns could be beneficial to some, especially those who are looking to be long term investors or those looking to involve their business with DIJETS and cash out after longer periods of time.

Having the option to lock/stake coins over longer periods of time can also give flexibility as you mentioned just like the stock market, people dont want to gamble on their investment. So having more choice and options can help them make a more intelligent decision beneficial to them when it comes to locking and staking DIJETS assetts.

Great Work! @Pav


Great proposal Pawel, stability, opportunity and security.