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I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on the below proposal?

What: Official Telegram Group for Dijets Inc.
Why: It will give everyone a platform to discuss Dijets and ask questions regarding the network, as well as share legitimate updates on what is upcoming.
Details: As DGC members, plus Ali & Saleem could be admins and we will be able to answer questions, direct general public where to find correct information. It is up to us to grow the popularity of Dijets, this platform will allow us to invite friends and potential investors to the group, then those members will spread the word to their audience and allow us to grow together. Telegram is very secure network and allows you to pin messages for quick access, it is vastly used within the cryptocurrency world.

Many thanks,


Hi Pav,
I agree that improving communication will be crucial as we grow.
I have never used Telegram myself but I have heard about the security of it and how it is preferred, particularly for business chat. I don’t understand the tech myself but from your proposal, I think it is open to the public to join the group too? I am just wondering if this would be different to Qowalts, I am not sure if Qowalts enables the general public to chat with us so I can see the opportunity for this if it doesn’t.

I am happy to support any improvements with communication and a place for open discussion, but my only reservation is not to have too many places to talk or it could become difficult to know which method is for which chat!



@Pav i can absolutely support this idea as telegram is now seen as one of the most popular ways to communicate effectively especially in the crypto/blockchain community across the globe.

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Hi Alisha,

I understand where you’re coming from, Telegram is very simple to use , literally like whats app, but better. Something that doesn’t really need extra time to learn how to use, but the beauty of it is that it allows you to have almost unlimited amount of users, and that is key. But also as admin, you can give warnings to people who talk about something other than dijets and eventually block them from the chat if you wish to.

Never too many ways to communicate :-), we want to make sure all the angles are covered and we have presence everywhere.


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Thank you Pav,

Communication is crucial to everything, im happy with this if its preferable to whatsapp and also ability to allow outside members to join and to be regulated.

Happy to support

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Hi Pavil

Are you familiar with “qowalts” ?

Saleem has spent hundreds of thousand of hours years so to speak creating Dijets ecosystem, Qowalts works way better than any other communication platform that I’ve seen out there right now! Encrypted to its back teeth 110% secure from “Peer 2 Peer” once you’ve logged out of qowalts your chats are encrypted and no one can read them or get into them after, security is a major priority for Dijets and it’s members, and I agree as an entrepreneurial back ground of many businesses (am not boasting :joy:)
“Communication” is “key” Qowalts has many features in it mate open it up on you’re laptop and have a look, anything you need to ask is all there it’s functions it’s functionality it’s the crème dela crème of communication platforms, I have personally used Qowalts in my telecoms business Piers hampton will tell you how good it is to work with, and yes the current platform we are using was because we had no access to Qowalts back when the council was formed, going forward I would say Qowalts as Saleem made and designed to work with Dijets, also once we have launched your guys will all be on you’re own as that how it works founders co founders manager etc don’t be involved with day to day proposals etc with the council or be admin of groups and have full on interaction mate that’s why you guys are all here :+1:


Pav, you make a good point. Telegram is indeed one of the most well-known platforms for cryptocurrency communities. And there’s no harm in having a presence there. At the very least for people who prefer to use Telegram. So I for one have always been in favour of using and having a presence on Telegram. But that was until Qowalts got significant upgrades with its addons and bridges. And if you’re wondering what these bridges are? They are simply a way to allow users to port all their favourite existing messaging protocols over to Qowalts including Telegram, Watsapp & Meta’s Messenger. One single unified interface for all your messages which can be categorised based on user preferences. What are the benefits of these bridges? Allowing people to use Qowalts to truly encrypt their messages. And I mean TRULY encrypt their messages and not just fall for the usual “Your messages are double encrypted” slogans. Secondly and more importantly we are trying to create a streamlined utility of all of our products. If we want to push forth our message of complete privacy and data streams which allows people to turn their data into tradeable commodity then we need to figure out a way to funnel the user’s data onto platforms that are under Dijets control. We do not and can never have any say in how watsapp, or telegram use their users data but we can have a say how they use that data if that data was being funnelled through Dijets Decentralised Data Streams. Qowalts also has an android and apple mobile app on standby which will release post launch because we need the fiat ramps to allow people to be able to transfer DJTX, USDT, ETH etc simply through messaging.


Hi Saleem,

Many thanks for taking time to explain the reasons why qowalts is indeed a better option.

I’ll dig in a bit deeper to understand it’s functionality more.

Thanks again :+1: