Dijets to be marketed in Dubai exhibitions

Taking Dijets to exhibitions in Dubai can be a great way to showcase the ecosystem’s capabilities to a global audience. Dubai is known for its innovative and forward-thinking approach to technology, making it an ideal location to showcase the potential of Dijets.

One way to participate in exhibitions in Dubai is by researching and identifying relevant events in the region, such as the Dubai World Trade Centre exhibitions or the Dubai International Blockchain Summit. Once you have identified the relevant events, you can apply to participate as an exhibitor or speaker.

As an exhibitor, you can set up a booth or stand to showcase the various use cases of Dijets, such as its native exchange Dijetex, or its ability to power decentralised applications. It can also be helpful to have knowledgeable team members on hand to answer any questions and provide more information about the ecosystem.

As a speaker, you can participate in panel discussions or give presentations on the benefits and potential of Dijets. This can help to establish the ecosystem as a thought leader in the space and attract interest from attendees.

So taking Dijets to exhibitions in Dubai can be a valuable way to raise awareness and generate interest in the ecosystem, especially given Dubai’s reputation as a hub for innovation and technology.


Hi Ali

I definitely support the expansion, marketing and focus on Dubai and the Middle East as a whole.
Exhibitions will be really important to raise Dijets profile and ensure that more and more people learn about the benefits of Dijets network and products.

Joe Fitzgerald raised previous proposals detailing some really great exhibitions in Dubai and I think it would be an excellent place for Dijets to showcase themselves.