Dijets payment gateway portal for clynk (ecc)


To use DIJETS payment gateway systems for CLYNK - A modern Day Booking system created for the Hospitality and Events Industry that provides the Technology for Bespoke Bookings and Reservations aimed at Bars,Clubs,Resturants as well as Events and Concierge Companies that want to incorporate specific bookings and experiences for guests and clients such as - Renting supercars, Yacht & Private Jet Chartering, Exclusive Excursions, VIP Experiences ( e.g. Concerts,Sports Events,Festivals),Private Dining, Luxury Hotels etc.

High Networth and Valued Clients especially in the middle east and various other parts of the world are quickly getting used to paying for items and experiences in other forms such as crypto currencies as they have been proven to be much quicker and convenient when moving around larger sums of funds to and from clients to Business owners.

When dealing with international Clients, the exchange rates can be unfair and confusing for different clients who want to make purchases and transfers, using crypto currencies evens the playing field for everyone no matter which country they are from or which currency they convert their money into, the transfer rate/charges are all the same and the speeds are much quicker with less interaction.

Having the DIJETS Payments Gateway on Clynk would be a Huge USP and an Industry First for a Booking system and will Provide endless and secure options for clients to use the various payment methods provided.

Also by Having The ECC at hand, the Clientele information can be handled using KYC’s to prevent any fraudulent information being handled and prevent fraudulent activity on the Platform.

Another great use of the ECC with CLYNK would be the possibility of creating rewards “Tokens” e.g. ‘CLYNK COINS’ for each time a booking is made the rewards system could see users get discounts and rewards on the platform for collecting these Tokens or by holding onto the coins whilst value increases over time can be exchanged into other forms of crypto.


Well done Joe it’s been a long time coming when we first met and Saleem did say this was something that Dijets could do and now it’s that time great proposal mate :+1::+1::+1:


Thank you Jo for your proposal. This would be very helpful (subject to further understanding) as an initial opportunity to “test out” the technology and show case the ability to deliver real results.

In principle this sounds a good idea buddy,

Thank you


Hi Joe, Agree with Daniel! Sounds great.


CLYNK would be the first entertainment company in the UAE side to be excepting such method of payment (crypto) and this industry is currently massive over there especially with celebrities legends etc who don’t have the time to make these inventory’s for them selfs, I’ve seen people family/friends use these platforms and they work very well, and am sure with a bit of tweaking we could have Joe annihilating the industry over there, there’s also a language barrier with locals meaning writing or understanding Arabic and other multi nationals, this is we’re Joe will have that extra customer service for his customers coming from different parts of the world as we could have the language barrier crossed, like Hal it understands multiple languages and reads and writes in them to, this is a major issue in Dubai anyone who’s been there will tell you the language barrier is massive, for example when you to a local company there to book a excursion it’s hard work communicating also the prices are way more, so if you have it booked through CLYNK and it’s all done for you and explain to the customer in there native languages it would make life so much easier, this is just the beginning great things and times ahead :+1:



Sounds like an amazing idea! I agree with other comments! And would be happy to support.