Dijets Monthly Governance Cycle

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Please take a look if you already haven’t this is the monthly cycle which will give you a better idea and how much time there will be for the council members proposals, from submitting proposals to then voting on them, I hope this gives you all a better insight.


Thank you alI,

Haha like a true council or parliament, a propers schedule to decision making!

Very helpful



Thank Ali, super helpful.
Am I therefore right in saying that proposals can only be submitted within an 8 day period on a monthly (rolling 4 week) schedule? And for each proposal, DGC Members have 9 days in which to vote upon it?

This gives us a very clear picture as to 1. When I as DIP Editor need to be available to support the structure of the proposals and then 2. We as a collective council need to be available for voting.


Hi Alisha,

Yes that’s right Saleem done a great job here and there’s ample time for everyone to adjust to the proposal schedule, Also if council members wanted to add to it or have something they would like to input then that’s something that could be discussed and amended aswell.



Looks straight forward, but also allows everyone to plan their time to make sure when proposals / votes need to happen :+1:

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Looks like a straight forward process, need a proposal to test it out.


Yes It is a straight forwards process from the beginning, ample time for everyone to have read and agree on a proposal, so let’s see how everyone gets on now everyone knows the process of how to complete the voting process, all DGC members Decypher wallets are all set up and good to go now, some more exciting news coming up shortly for everyone to see and use. :sunglasses: