Dijets international networking and marketing proposal

I propose that as a representative of DIJETS and as a Council member that i can utilise my network of international Contacts Relative to the Crypto and Blockchain Industry Consisting of CEO’s, Entrepreneurs,Influencers & Business Owners to benefit DIJETS with its best interests in mind.

Currently, it said that Dubai is the heart and home of WEB 3.0 and is one of the most crypto and blockchain friendly places in the world filled with big opportunity and investment.

Firstly regarding my proposal as a council member, using my contacts influence and network, i can get DIJETS directly Involved and Partnered at some of the Biggest Crypto and Blockchain Events in the Middle East in places such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar to name a few.

The benefits of having DIJETS at these Events could introduce a huge amount of interest to potential clients and Businesses in the industry, also it would give DIJETS the opportunity to share coverage on the International stage along with all the Crypto Giants and Whales.

The Benefits of having DIJETS involved at these Events are as follows:

  • Designated Stands and Booths with DIJETS logos/Marketing
  • Meet & Greet with Presenters,Crypto Giants/Whales & Investors
  • “Start Up Pitches” Presenting Dijets to International Crypto Funds/investors
  • Social Media Attention, mentions in newsletters, DIJETS logos on Event Websites
  • Feedback from the Jury and the Community

DIJETS and its Attendance at these events can lead to High Level Media Coverage on the following:


-Documentaries & Streaming Platfoms e.g.(Netflix)

-Podcasts e.g. Spotify, Soundcloud

-Social Media platforms e.g. Instagram,TikTok,Twitter

The next Big Events that i propose we get DIJETS involved with are the following:


Dubai’s Largest Crypto Summit and networking Event

  • 10,000+ visitors
  • 80+ companies
  • 60+ Speakers
  • 30 Countries involved


Crypto Whales in attendance such as:

  • H.E. Justin Sun (Founder of TRON)
  • Sergei Khitrov (Founder of Listing.help/Jets.Capital Fund)
  • Alex Chehade(Executive Director & General Manager Binance FZE)
  • Dr. Xinxi Wang (Co-Founder and Director of Litecoin Foundation)
  • Dr. Sameer Al Ansari (CEO of Ras Al Khaimah DAO and ICC, UAE Government
  • Carl Runefelt Crypto Entrepreneur, (Founder of CryptoJobs.com)
  • Vadim Krutov (Group Chief Operating Officer, Bitfury)

Please let me now your Thoughts on this and any Feedback would be very welcome!



What a great idea, this could take Dijets to another level putting it in front of all interested parties.

Exops/events are the best places to showcase what Dijets is as you already have the right audience in front o f you.

My question is, who would be representing sijets at those events? Would it be yourself?

Great idea @Joefitzgerald, very interesting.



Well done Joe :clap: I told you mate the opportunities and possibilities are endless, well done you done your homework well, I believe this is the beggining for you in the UAE side of blockchain/crypto, and congratulations on being one of the first DGC members in taking Dijets on its first international journey, keep up the good work mate :+1:


Hi Pav

We are working closely with Dijets and now Fitzgerald himself and his connections, and it won’t be anyone on the council, there are loads of different avenues being used and explored mate :+1:


Pav* lol, your autocorrect is really stubborn :joy:

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Hi Joe, this looks like a brilliant opportunity to really put Dijets in the spotlight.

Your proposal to participate in events such as the Crypto Expo Dubai and the Blockchain Life Forum 2023 presents exciting opportunities for DIJETS to showcase its potential and engage with potential clients and investors. Dubai’s reputation as a hub for WEB 3.0 and its crypto and blockchain-friendly environment make it an ideal location to generate interest and investment.

The benefits of DIJETS’ involvement in these events are significant. Designated stands and booths with DIJETS logos and marketing materials will enhance visibility and attract attention, while meet and greet opportunities with presenters, crypto giants/whales, and investors will enable meaningful connections and potential partnerships.

Presenting DIJETS through startup pitches will showcase the project’s unique features and value proposition, allowing the audience to understand the innovative solutions it brings to the ecosystem. The social media attention garnered from these events can lead to increased awareness and engagement with a wider audience, generating organic growth and interest in DIJETS.

Moreover, your suggestion of high-level media coverage, including platforms such as YouTube and documentaries/streaming platforms like Netflix, has the potential to provide extensive exposure for DIJETS. This extra visibility alongside other crypto giants and whales can further enhance DIJETS’ credibility and brand recognition in the industry.

The Crypto Expo Dubai and the Blockchain Life Forum 2023 are excellent choices for DIJETS’ involvement, given the caliber of attendees and the networking opportunities they offer. The presence of esteemed individuals such as H.E. Justin Sun, Sergei Khitrov, Alex Chehade, Dr. Xinxi Wang, and Dr. Sameer Al Ansari will contribute to the vibrant discussions and provide valuable exposure for DIJETS among influential industry leaders.

I support your proposal to represent DIJETS and leverage your network in the crypto and blockchain industry to benefit the project. Your efforts to secure DIJETS’ participation at the suggested events will undoubtedly bring valuable exposure, potential partnerships, and media coverage. I look forward to witnessing the positive impact of these initiatives on DIJETS’ growth and success.


Hi Joe

I would have no objection to this and think it is very important for us to be represented at these sort of events.


This is great Joe!

If you need me to come along to these networking events just let me know - I’m more than happy to help.


Thank you Jo,

A very good idea, and very helpful you can act as the “gateway” to Dubai with your existing relationships on which we can build.

Happy to support and have done these type of exhibitions representing businesses and political stuff, they are very helpful as part of building relationships, understanding the market and creating new business opportunities.


With my contacts in Dubai in DIFC I would like to arrange a call to scope a way forward on this.