DIJETS/Financial Times Marketing Campaign

The Financial Times (FT) is a renowned and prestigious Business Newspaper that has a global reach and audience of substance in Business and Economics, recognised for its authority, integrity and accuracy.

To aid and benefit Dijets marketing and digital campaigns, i propose that we compose any article/s that best highlight Dijets and its multiple use cases in the Web3, Crypto and Blockchain markets as well as any other relevant Industries that Dijets could utilise.

Having a Dijets article published in the FT would have a major & positive impact on Dijets Credibility and Marketing to all future users, investors, Partners and Businesses.

I @Joefitzgerald can liaise with my contacts in the FT to create a column for Dijets providing it is written in the correct format and doesn’t breach any UK Financial regulations. I have attached a link to help with writing and structuring the article to the FT Code Of Conduct.

See below-


This would be great Joe, this is definitely something that needs to be looked into further and done properly for sure, as it would show Dijets credibility in the markets and it’s blockchains.


Hi Joe,
This would be a great space to market Dijets. I would support this.