Dijets Blockchains

Dijets is an ecosystem of decentralized heterogeneous blockchains that are designed to power its primary faculties. The Dijets network is highly scalable, robust, and decentralized, and it allows separate chains to be created for different applications, each serving its individual purpose.

Dijets is comprised of multiple subnetworks, each running one or more of their own heterogeneous child chains. The Chief Network is the central subnetwork that runs four different blockchains:

  • The Value Chain (V-Chain): This chain is designed to handle the transfer of value between users and is optimized for high throughput and low latency. It is used for transactions that require fast finality and high security.
  • The Utility Chain (U-Chain): This chain is designed to support smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). It is optimized for flexibility and allows developers to create custom dApps that can run on the Dijets network.
  • The Method Chain (M-Chain): This chain is responsible for maintaining Dijets Validators set and handles the creation of other blockchains. It acts as a metadata chain and allows clients to interact with Dijets.
  • The Enterprise Consortia Chain (ECC): This chain is designed for enterprise use cases and can process thousands of transactions per second. It can be used for data sharing between institutions, fractional ownership of real estate, and digital identities.

Each blockchain in Dijets is an instance of a virtual machine, just as the Utility Chain is an instance of Ethereum Virtual Machine. Custom VMs can be deployed on a custom blockchain network, called a subnetwork, which consists of a dynamic set of validators all working together to achieve consensus on (x)blockchains.

Dijets offers an extremely lightweight and low-cost alternative to Ethereum. It is a platform that provides the fundamentals upon which other platforms and blockchains can thrive and build on top. Dijets allows anyone to create their own tailor-made and “Application Specific” blockchains.

In summary, Dijets is a highly scalable, versatile, and decentralized ecosystem of heterogeneous blockchains that can be used for a wide range of use cases, from value transfer to smart contracts and decentralized applications.