Deploying a smart contract to make a futuristic land registry like system for people to use on Dijets network and Dijets blockchains

To deploy a land registry like system on Dijets, you can use smart contracts to create a decentralized and transparent system for recording land ownership and transactions.

First, you would need to define the data structure for the land registry. This would include information such as the location, size, and owner of each piece of land. You could also include information about any liens or mortgages on the property.

Next, you would need to create smart contracts to manage the land registry. These contracts would define the rules for adding new properties to the registry, transferring ownership, and recording transactions.

Here is an example of a smart contract for adding a new property to the registry:

pragma solidity ^0.8.0;

contract LandRegistry {
    struct Property {
        string location;
        uint size;
        address owner;
        bool isRegistered;

    mapping (bytes32 => Property) public properties;

    function registerProperty(string memory _location, uint _size) public {
        bytes32 propertyId = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(_location, _size));
        require(!properties[propertyId].isRegistered, "Property already registered");
        properties[propertyId] = Property(_location, _size, msg.sender, true);

In this contract, we define a Property struct to hold information about each property. We also define a mapping from a bytes32 property ID to a Property struct.

The registerProperty function takes a location and size as arguments, calculates the property ID using keccak256, and checks if the property is already registered. If not, it creates a new Property struct and adds it to the mapping.

You could also create functions for transferring ownership of a property and recording transactions. These functions would need to check that the caller is the current owner of the property and update the owner field accordingly.

Using smart contracts to create a land registry on Dijets would provide a transparent and secure way to manage land ownership and transactions.