Delegating Dijets and earning rewards

Delegations are a way for DJT holders to participate in staking without having to run their own validating node. By delegating their stake to a validator, they can earn rewards for helping to secure the network.

To delegate stake to a validator, a DJT holder must specify the ID of the node they want to delegate to, the amount of DJT they want to stake, and the address to send any rewards to. They must also specify when they want to start and stop delegating stake, which must be while the validator is validating.

It’s important to note that the minimum amount that a delegator must delegate is 25 DJT, Additionally, if the validator that a delegator delegates tokens to is sufficiently correct and responsive, they will receive a reward when they are done delegating. However, the validator that they delegate to keeps a portion of their reward specified by the validator’s delegation fee rate.

Delegators are rewarded according to the same function as validators. However, the maximum weight of a validator (their own stake + stake delegated to them) is the minimum of 3 million DJT and 5 times the amount the validator staked. For example, if a validator staked 2,000 DJT, only 8,000 DJT can be delegated to their node in total.

If you’re interested in delegating your DJT, make sure to do your research and choose a validator that you trust to help secure the network.