Care Bot (My proposal Rashpal Bassi)

Industry specific expansion of DPS


Expanding Method Chain’s utility into care homes and hospice


After reading extensively about the Enterprise and Method Chains, I was convinced of the possibility for an overlap of sorts between these two chains. As we all know, Dijets long term goal is to position itself as the hyperstructure for Web3.0 and the new internet. Besides being the go-to Ecosystem for all things decentralised whether it’d be for value exchange or smart contracts utility, I truly believe that to accomplish Dijets long term goals we can not overlook the importance of integrating its services in commercial products catering specifically to the enterprises. The most feasible way we can achieve that is to look at Dijets current domains and figure out a way of incorporating them into commercially viable distributed systems. That is indeed how I reached the conclusion of an overlap between the Method and Enterprise Chain.

After making a few enquiries and speaking to a few people I think that an in-road into the care and nursing industry is very much a possibility. And this can be in the form of provisioning ad-hoc Method Chain services specifically its natural language processor and LLM

systems to be used in the care home industry for a wide range of purposes. By providing an AI assistant for supporting the OAP residents of the carehomes we can utilise both of the ECC and Method Chain as a service that can prove itself to be very useful within that setting. The added benefits of using Dijets Decentralised Network would be its uncomprising and unparalleled security and complete privacy which also could be marketed as its most distinguising feature.

My proposal is to utilise Dijets existing infrastructure to provision an AI Assistant which can process natural languages and provide support to the elderly and do so by deploying its codebase, training datasets, patient information etc entirely on its own Enterprise Consortia Chain. This would not only give each establishment a complete peace of mind for the privacy and anonymity of their data but also prove to be a key example of a fully functioning, really useful and meaningful utility of Dijets Enerprise Chain and its decentralised services. Its possible that sometimes, the individuals in need of care or living at a care-home permanently may not have daily access to their close family/friends and an AI support provider running on Dijets decentralised services can definitely fulfil its purpose as a knowledgeable, trained, empathetic, and fun alternative. This virtual care assistant could also help with safeguarding them if they are vulnerable or weak, this I believe could help in many different sectors and help with different disabilities aswell. It could help with daily interaction talking about subjects maybe even listening to music, I also do understand human interaction is vital but this as an alternative for example if the human care giver is not available at 2 am then the virtual care giver is the best alternative in my mind. There is definitely room for enhancements, improvements etc here. But I write this after doing my hoomework and establishing some interest in its usecase.

We can not underestimate the need for great strategic commercial partnerships for Dijets. This proposal is an attempt for exactly that and since its in the very early stages we can continue to polish it after the launch.

I welcome the council’s feedback and thoughts on this.


What an absolute brilliant idea this is mate well done great proposal, an AI bot for the elderly could grow into so many other avenues, the possibilities and opportunities are endless having both the method chain working alongside the ECC with something like this :ok_hand:
This is brilliant would love to see this, well done great effort great work and a great idea :+1:


I can definitely see how your Idea would genuinely help those in the care sector and could be a fine example for dijets to lead with. AI is becoming more and more helpful and self sufficient by the day, this would surely benefit those in need of care and could aid the staff/employees with daily tasks whilst knowing their data is kept secure. Will be a great use of both the Method chain and the ECC for sure.

Great proposal and I’m all in favour for it,
well done… @Rbassi23


You have put a lot of thought and work into this Rashpal. And the best part just as you mentioned is the fact that you are trying to derive additional value from Dijets existing indices. Essentially using an existing and functioning bit of tech and re-purposing it for an entirely new sector. It’s brilliant and definitely worth exploring further. :+1: Sent you a DM.


Thank you Rashpal,

A great idea and synthesis of our operating network systems. The underlying challenge in the “care sector” both for children and OAP/adults is the increasing labour costs and availability to meet demand. Improving productivity and enabling a better service for users through improved communication and recording would be well received.

We would need to navigate the complex operating (and indeed hierarchal) setup of the care system that by default is risk averse, but demonstrable, tangible small and quick wins could overcome the concerns as the market is in a very fragile state and in need of change…

Thank you


Hi Rashpal
As someone very interested in the Care Sector (and Healthcare) this is a really interesting proposal and something I would support further exploration of. I have lesser knowledge of the current software/ systems in the Care Sector as there is in the Healthcare sector so would need to understand this link, particular for Patient information/ records.

I am very keen to explore the safeguarding element here. I think this is a HUGE potential for those who lack access to family/ friends as you mention and could provide a really interesting way to continue monitoring patients/individuals.


Good points here @DijetsAlisha - its important for us (DGC) to remember when diagnosing solutions for the public sector, anti quasi public/private sectors that “innovation” and “solving problems” is lesser of an concern than “managing risk”, so how we approach all of this will need to be carefully planned out and taken slowly.

Huge opportunity though!



Great idea, more and more elderly people are getting used to using technology and this could definitely be there to help with their care/support and interaction with the outside world.

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