General DIP Template

General DIP Template


DIP#: <--# to be assigned by DIP Editor-->
Title: <DIP title>
Author(s): <Name of the authoring DGC Member>
Domain: <Ecosystems' Domains it impacts>
Type: DIP Type
Status: <--to be assigned by DIP Editor-->
Date Proposed: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Notes: <-->


  • A list of supporting materials referenced by this DIP.

Sentence Summary

  • A description of what the Dijets Improvement Proposal (DIP) is focused on. Suggest 30 words max.

Paragraph Summary

  • A description of what the Dijets Improvement Proposal (DIP) is focused on. Suggest 100 words max.

Module Summary

  • A description of the purpose of each module in the DIP . Suggest 30 words max per component.


  • A short description of the motivation behind the DIP.

Specification / Proposal Details

  • Proposed process standard details - describes the new process or feature and the problem it is solving.

I was wondering if the DIP template would come in a format such as a Word document? It might be useful to those new to submitting DIPs?


Hi Alisha,

Yes everything is available and will be provided :+1:


Hi Alisha,
Thats a great idea. I’ll add a topic with links to different formats later today. In the meanwhile, here’s the downloads links to both word and pdf formats.

Word Format

PDF Format

Also just a couple of things while we are on the subject of editing DIPs.

  1. Each DIP must adhere to the template’s standard format. Anything that’s not included in the template will not be picked up by HAL. Members can certainly post or write and ctrl+v MsWord DIPs on the forum during the Conception phase, perhaps even get away with during the Feedback phase but anything beyond will always need to be in markdown format mainly due to its compatibility with pretty much everything these days (I’m sure the council can come up with a way to tackle this).

  2. DGC Members are free to propose additional subject matter for the DIP templates. I remember @Alikhan suggesting something about adding Domain Indices to the “Preamble” which is worth considering to propose via DIP2 as it’d help with categorising DIPs even further. So please if you have a suggestion, the Forum and Qowalts are the best places to start discussions around them and formulate a dip with any proposed changes.


Hey Guys,

Is there perhaps a sample you could share with us? as to what should be included within it?

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Hi Pav!
The voting portal for all the live DIPs is currently being uploaded as I type this. Through it, you’d be able to see all the DIPs that are up for voting, discussions, amendments etc.
In the meantime you could head over to the DIPs Directory:

and take a look at the live DIPs for example: DIP1 which proposes a monthly governance cycle with proposed days for each governance activity allowing DGC Members to govern without any time constraints. Essentially a proposal that lets the council govern with a predictable calendar where members would have an advance notification over which governance activities are due and which ones need their attention.

Here’s to hoping that the directory becomes breeding ground for ideas and strategies that will perhaps one day be looked back as the place where governance models for entirely autonomous organisations kickstarted its journey from. No pressure council! :face_with_monocle: :sweat_smile: :smile: